World Happiness Index

The ‘World Happiness Index’ was recently released by the United Nations. In this report, they took into consideration- income, health and life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom, and trust. However, I believe, one is not always happy when the aforementioned factors are fulfilled. You aren’t happy because you checked all the items on your list. Sometimes you are just happy for the sake of being happy.

We see around us, beggars on the street, our servants, chauffeurs, and others who may not be as well off. But aren’t they happy too? Does happiness really need an economic backing? Yes, money does make your life comfortable, which does lead to happiness, but does it always?

India ranked 122nd on the ‘World Happiness Index’ out of 155 countries. Shocked?

If you take a look at the report you will notice that Belgium ranked 17th. This is the same country where sex-trafficking is at its peak. Girls are forced into prostitution. I don’t think they are happy. Even though they are not a large part of the population, I think they are a sizeable population of unhappy residents of that country.

Iraq, that has been the epicenter of war and political unrest, has managed to rank 117th on the list. I fail to understand how the residents of that country are happier than India- a peace loving, war free country.

270 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria, and this country, where one is scared for their own safety ranked 95th.

India is a country where people come to find their inner peace and solace. We live in a country where helping a fellow citizen is like our second nature. Yes, we Indians are casteist, racist and even sexist; but we are still a nation where you see wide smiles on every festival, every cricket match that India wins and every time our fellow Indians do their country proud.

According to the assessment made for the years 2016-18, India has to contribute 0.737% to the UN regular budget. This puts India in the 24th place in the list of highest contributors. I am certain India is not lagging behind in generosity.

India gives its citizens the complete freedom of speech unless it is hurtful to anyone in any way. There, another tick in UN’s checklist.

I believe we are a happy country, happier than most other countries. The fact that a sixteen-year-old is writing about how displeased she is with her country being ranked 122nd on the list when she sees happy faces everywhere she turns, is reason enough to believe India deserves to be ranked higher.


One thought on “World Happiness Index

  1. Completely agree with your thoughts.It does make me very sad when tourists unnecessarily call our country the most disgusting place to travel,it definitely troubles me when ill-informed foreigners call our country the “rape capital” even when their country has a higher no. of per capita rapes occuring in their country.We Indians whether in or not in very good financial conditions do find happiness in small things around us.It would be better if they could learn to find a proper relation between happiness and countries or just change the name of this survey.Keep writing!

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