As I stepped on the coarse but soft white sands glistening under the silvery luminous light of the cratered ball, I saw the soft gentle waves tenderly washing my feet from time to time, like a metronome. The chilly wind blew, sending shivers down spine. The white sands were deserted of human life and so making the experience all the more enjoyable, without the loud screaming and wailing of children along with others indulging in the baffling idiosyncrasies of life. Now the sweet song of the wind rushing by my ears, the rustling of the leaves nearby and the calming  and soothing sound of the waves falling in the sand filled my ears. As time passed, it took my footprints with it. The dark clouds covered the moon only letting it’s diffused light pass through sparsely. The waves escalated to soaring heights. The dark and gloomy night gave way to a magical sunrise, the orange orb sent red waves, illuminating the dark sky. Nature gave me my current to leave the world – a stage where all men are mere actors.



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