Is it success or failure that drives you to do better

Success and failure is like the grapevine twirled on a wooden stick; the mistakes we make being the support stick and success being the grapevine that climbs on the strong foundation – the stick.
We look with wonder and happiness when a child first learns how to walk, after falling numerous times he eventually emerges a victor mastering the task at hand. We forget that unlearning, making mistakes and succeeding is so integral to our learning process
‘Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure ‘ – Napoleon Hill
In life we do not get the chance to erase our mistakes, all we can do is learn from them, embrace them and use them as our base coat to build our beautiful masterpiece- painting a pulchritudinous picture of our lives’ successes.
Mistakes teach you to be good, however, success teaches you to fly higher above any mountain you have flown before.
If we observe a pendulum, it oscillates from left to right-success to failure. Although, in the end it ceases at the centre. This symbolises that life is a balance between failure and success. An excess of either of the two can lead to an imbalance.
Long term success comes from short term failure.
I would like to leave you with a thought, does a scientist get the joy of science when he repeatedly fails to complete an experiment or is it from his success, so what really drives him forward- success or failure, and what is it that keeps him grounded, preventing him to fly to high and melting his wings like Icarus?



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