Arbat Street-Moscow-Russia

Arbat Street is a one kilometer pedestrian street in the historical center of Moscow. It is assumed to built around the 15th century, but was destroyed in a fire in 1812, which is associated with Napoleons invasion of Moscow. The street was then rebuilt after that.  Arbat Street was Moscow’s first pedestrian street.  Originally the street formed part of an important trade-route and was home to a large number of craftsmen. DSC_4528

In the 19th and early 20th centuries it became known as the place where petty nobility, artists, and academics lived. In the Soviet period, it housed many high-ranking government officials.

Arbat Street is one of the most beautiful streets I have seen. With its picturesque street lamps, with subtle yellow light illuminating the brick-covered ground, it felt as though it had been picked out of a fairy-tale. Arbat Street is lined with shops selling trinkets, Matroyshkas (the traditional Russian doll) and other handicrafts indigenous to Russia. With a variety of cafes serving mouth-water Russian cuisine, it in a foodies delight. Arbat Street also has a collection of talented artists to entertain and humor you.



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