Happiness :)

‘You are never completely dressed without a smile.’

Humanity unanimously believes that happiness is associated with a winsome smile that brightens your face. Smiling is the physical aspect of happiness. Humans are peculiar being, when we smile our eyes become moist with tears.

But what is happiness?? People far and wide have pondered over this simple word, this simple emotion.

‘Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to be and celebrate it for what it is.’

Is this what happiness is- living for today and having no regrets? Or is it something more? According to science it is the release of endorphins, but is it just that?

Happiness for me is seeing a waging tail and an excited face greeting me as I come home. Happiness for someone else may be shopping at your favourite store, or eating a scrumptious meal. Happiness for everyone is different.   

I extrapolate from the world I see around and live in, that happiness cannot be defined. It is the same emotion, yet different in every way for every individual.

“Be happy not because everything is good, but because you choose to see the good in everything.”

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