Castes Do Not Define Us…..Or Do They??

The unanimous opinion of todays ‘modern’ world is that inter-caste marriages should not be considered a taboo. This, I believe is a positive step for the betterment of society. However, what I do not comprehend is why there is a widespread hatred for the individuals who began this custom.

In the Vedic age castes were on the basis of your profession. How we consider designations and different categories of jobs, the people in the Vedic age created castes. The concept of untouchability and degradation of the supposed ‘lower’ castes was wrong. However the actual concept of caste was not wrong. The way the progeny moulded the idea to suit and satisfy their hungry egos was wrong.

The reason, I believe inter-caste marriages were not allowed was, because it would be very difficult for the girl and boy to adjust to each other’s worlds. It would be like trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

As the wise men of the past would say, ‘Love makes you blind’. I speculate that the parents of the child were only trying to ease the process of adjustment to the new home and life the girl and boy would lead.

If a king marries his daughter, who lives in the lap of luxury, surrounded by maid-servants to do even the most nominal job for her, to a farmer, it would be quite difficult for her to modify herself to her new environment. She may even end of hating her husband as he cannot provide the luxury she demands for.

Sometimes, girls and boys can be a little foolish, blinded by the romantic idea, that you only require love for a long lasting relationship. A little advice to them, you live in the real world, not fairy-tale land!

I some way, originally the idea of ‘banning’ inter-caste marriages was right. This was a preventive measure parents put on their children. However now, this has become an immense problem and one of the main causes for quarrels between parents and their children.

Today, a marriage has become more of an alliance with another family of the same caste. Nobody looks at qualifications, temperament, outlook about life of the person their child is to marry; the only important criterion is the caste. An individual’s significant other could be of a supposed ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ caste but a better match. I do not comprehend why this is not understood by some people today.

But, if you look at ‘marriage’ from a distance, as an outsider, the ‘caste system’ still prevails, the original one. We would still not want our daughters or sons to marry someone who is of lower social strata. This is because the two worlds simply do not fit.

If you came from an affluent educated background, would you marry your daughter to an undedicated, less affluent, small business man- who owns a small shop at the street corner?



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