When I first went to Brussels I had to go in a metro to school. There was one thing on the way that struck my eye every time we went past it. Yes it was graffiti. The graffiti had been done by young children. It was an amazing sight to see. In one of the pictures it said “save this wonderful planet”. I really liked that one, it was my favourite picture. Unfortunately there were people with others plans, they destroyed the whole gallery of art work, rude swear words were scattered all round the pictures. I didn’t like that a bit.

Graffiti can help one express his thoughts and feelings in form of beautiful pictures. It also helps liven up a place.

I think Graffiti is a kind of an art form. It is a very creative way to express your feeling. Lee Quinones made a whole dull, old and shabby place come to life by painting graffiti on it. Graffiti makes things come alive, only if it is not rude graffiti though.



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