Am I Safe?

In our world today, crime is one of the most common things. Hate crimes, crime against women, theft, kidnapping, Homicide crime along with many others are the norm of the day!    The morning newspaper only talks of crime… Is it not a shame? A black mark on the world, a disgrace… interesting

Every time one steps out of the house we feel vulnerable; at risk of wrongdoing against us. Is this not mortifying to know you are in danger all the time! Does it not make you uncomfortable? Living in a world where one cannot even step outside their house without fear in their minds!

 These days a child is not allowed to go to classes or some friend’s house that lives far away or even nearby on his or her own.

For instance, my Mother never lets me go alone anywhere with the driver. She will always make sure I am with a family member or a trusted adult. This is one way you can protect yourself from harm.

 While in the days long gone, children would roam around freely without any hesitation of them being trapped in the midst of some unlawful activity. In the olden days crime was present, although it was not at such an astronomical level as it is now and was not very prominent either.

This rise in level of crime makes it very challenging for us to feel safe and sound; and out of harm’s way!

I would want to tell you a myth about crimes. Everyone thinks only those dirty, dishevelled, foul people do it. Although, I shall tell you it is not always them. It can very well be a “good” person, as we call it, just like you and me. Being a criminal does not rest on or is even influenced by caste or money or appearance. A poor illiterate farmer maybe more educated than a rich, literate man. Most people may be literate but not all are educated. Education is not knowing how to write, it is the moral values we develop over the years; which we learn from our parents teachers and the people around us.

Inside our homes we are shielded from unwanted, unlawful things and most importantly crime. I believe everyone would say yes, though I beg to differ.  Walls are just protective barriers. Walls can act as your armour, but will they stand the test of time? Walls can give away…

Walls cannot shield us from the new crimes that have begun since the invention of social networking sites, namely- cyber-crime and cyber bullying. Victims of such crime go through trauma and sometimes even depression.

I must say, ‘Your Safety is in your own hands’. If you are cautious and take small measures, you can be much safer than you are now. If you come home before dark or stay with an adult when you are outside, you will be more secure. You must have heard ‘Safety comes in numbers’. When you go out try to go in a group rather than going alone.

I shall conclude by saying outside your home you should be vigilant and alert. Inside your home the walls shall prevent and protect you from most danger, but even the toughest armour cannot prevent everything. There are some concealed, unknown dangers. At times the people who harm us could be the ones we know, love and trust. We should know how to act and respond to situations like those. Our safety is in our hands, we must be wise and cautious. It will be of great importance. Small things can make a big difference.



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