A Walk on the Sea shore

I walk down the beach embedding my footprints in the wet sand. When I looked back; I saw the soft hands of the sea slowly sweeping away my footprints. In front I saw the golden sand arch its way along the sea shaded by sand dunes and palm trees. The emerald sea weeds swayed under the sea of sapphires. The sky was grey and dull. A blanket of thick mist surrounded the area. I could not see for more than fifty metres. As I walked slowly and steadily, the mist cleared and the grey skies turned bright blue.
I kept walking, suddenly a crab past me .I was extremely scared .For that moment my heart was pounding against my chest .The crab was humoungus with a fiery red armour. Supringly it did me no harm!
The beach was beautiful! It was a preposterous situation though, no one was around.
I was strolling across the moist sound dragging my feet as the waves gently washed my feet as they splashed the shore .
At a distance I saw a quiona shaped “Dangerous waters, jellyfish are found here ‘.
I had the fright of my life! I had been strolling across the sea within the reach of a jellyfish waiting to sting me .My heart was banging against my ribs. Fright paralysed my rational thinking. The only thing I could think of was RUN! I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. My heart was pumping as fast as a hungry cheetah running to catch his prey.
Finally, I reached to safety! It was terrifying! The walk on the beach with ubiquitous shells was beautiful but threatening, just like a coin.
I sometimes, wonder what someone else would have done if they were in my absurd and unusual circumstance.



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